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What's in a Word

This year I decided that I wanted to have a   One Little Word  of the year. One Little Word (OLW) is a single word to pick that encapsulates what you want out of your year. I hadn't ever heard of it until recently but after seeing all the beautiful things people wanted to focus on-- simplicity, peace, clarify, humility-- I decided that I wanted to start out the year with something to strive for.  I can already see myself picking up a journal on a cozy night, cup of tea in hand, and unpacking myself in a new light.  Part of the reason is that my 2019 was unfocused and chaotic; to say that it was a rough year is generous. The last twelve months I have lived in what my mom would call "survival mode." I ate odd meals at odd times, I cried a lot and fit in sleep wherever and whenever I could. I couldn't build onto or even maintain what I had; I watched good habits and friendships deteriorate as I struggled to keep my head above water even just some of the time
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Tiny Flower Blossoms: A Free Quick Crochet Pattern

I have a doozy of a simple pattern for you. These adorable mini flowers take all of three minutes to make and use somewhere between 1-4 yards (The exact amounts depend on your gauge).  This is a one-round instant gratification project. The size is a little bit bigger than a quarter. Depending on how much yarn you have, hook size, and how many petals you make, they can end up very different. The differences add to the eclectic, handmade feel.  I used yarn scraps between less than what I estimate is four-ish yards (left) and just under a yard (far right). So when I say you can use the tiniest scraps, I'm not exaggerating.  They are addictive; before you know it you'll have a whole meadow of tiny blossoms.  Add to Ravelry. Pin on Pinterest.   Find me on Facebook. Tiny Flower Blossoms Materials needed: Scrap yarn (weight is not important) Crochet hook to match (size is not important) Optional: Scissors and yarn needle Abbr

Lucy's Kimono ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

Believe it or not, I started this in June. I thought it would be a good early-summer-so-sometimes-it's-chilly-at-night piece. But summer came and went and it still never got finished. Then I thought it would be a good transitioning-into-fall piece. But here it is! If you're wondering why that's because this Kimono is over 12,300 stitches and made with almost 1500 yards of yarn. You read that right.  Fifteen-hundred yards.  So I feel slightly vindicated in this delay.  I considered waiting for a more seasonable time to release this pattern but decided against it. I've worn it quite a few times and always get tons of sweet compliments. I hope you enjoy it!  Before we get into the pattern, let's talk about the Diamond Stitch.  Although the repeat is 8 rows, those rows repeat themselves so it's essentially made up of 5 rows. The repeat is a, b, c, d, e, d, c, b, a. In the back panel, this is rows, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.   Both of the

Free Crochet Pattern: Bubblegum Hat

It's been basically forever since I posted a pattern. Part of that is because I've been busy, part of it is because photography is not my strong point. In terms of skill, I've got nothing and in terms of equipment, all I have is a crappy phone camera. But nonetheless, I still wanted to share one of (there are more coming) of my latest projects: The Bubblegum Hat.  It's a high-textured, top-down hat made with lots of love. And math. I ripped out round 6 more times than I can count but I'm pleased to say it's finally perfect. And I love it. Check out the closeup of the texture: Isn't it lovely?  Because of the math involved, the Bubblegum Hat currently only comes in one size-- woman's medium/large. If you're interested in more sizes, let me know. I'd be happy to make a few more sizes. See what I mean by crappy photography? Ugh, and the seam's facing out. Oh well. I've spent too many hours fighting photos an

10 Yarn Crafts for Kids

Many young children have an interest in yarn before they're old enough to learn crochet or knitting; however, they're still able to join in the yarny fun! Here are ten of the cutest yarn crafts that don't involve any knitting needles or crochet hooks. Pin this HERE  or use the image above.  1.  Craft Stick Yarn Dolls  on Happy Hooligans. A perfect way to use up odds and ends that are a little bit too short for a larger project.  2.  Paper Plate Jellyfish  on NonToy Gifts. I've made these a few times with a group of preschoolers and it's always been a huge hit!  3.  Woven Craft Stick Butterflies  on The Craft Train. These are simply adorable. I imagine that even a few older kids might want to make some as well.  4.  Weaving with Kids  on Art Bar. I love how colorful these are! A wall hanging that any child or parent would be proud of.  5.  Dream Catchers  on Fun 365. Dream catchers are ever popular and this very detailed tutorial

Celeste's Garden 12- inch Afghan Square: A Free Crochet Pattern

This year, one of my favorite things to make has been afghan squares. I can't get enough of them. Funnily enough, I had never made one before 2018. Before I started my blog, I had even designed a few, that will eventually be re-visited and (hopefully) find their way onto the blog pretty soon. But in the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to Celeste's Garden. Pin HERE for later. Add to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites HERE.  I used two of my favorite stitches, v-sts and puffs, that are used both in the circle beginning and after it's squared. Ordinary dc rounds are placed between the v-sts and puffs to even it out a little bit.  The name is inspired by the middle which resembles a six-pointed star and the green puff stitches that looked almost like leaves. Celestial means having to do with the heavens or sky and is where the name Celeste comes from.  While making Celeste's Garden, I had something of a brilliant idea, if I say so my

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Crafters and Crocheters

I make a lot of things. Sometimes I like to make things to help me make things-- pincushions, stitch markers, etc. With that in mind, I've put together a roundup of patterns specifically for crafters and crocheters.  Pin  HERE  for later.  1. Zinnia Stitch Markers by Allison Weaver on Ravelry. Stitch markers are one of those things I use all the time. Why not make them cute as well as functional? Use a lobster clasp to make these crochet-friendly.  2. Ammonite Crochet Hook Roll  by   Dedri Uys  on Look at What I Made. There are loads of hook cases out there but this one is particularly stunning. Bonus: It comes with both photo and video tutorials.  3. Tape Measure Cover by Catherine Waterfield on Ravelry. I love the tassel on the end and the gold-and-turquoise combination is a favorite of mine. But this is sure to be pretty in whatever colors you choose.  4. Nifty Needle Case by Tamara Kelly on Moogly. Let's face it: You need a space to hold all