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Reach for the Star Stitch Fingerless Mitts ~ Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern has been in the works for quite some time. I made them over three weeks ago for my younger sister as a replacement for an incredibly worn-out pair I'd made years ago.  I combined my favorite stitches, half double crochet  and  stars. Star stitches look fancy and complicated but really are surprisingly simple.  She loved them-- a little too  much. Before I could get a single picture or measure gauge, she took them out and completely ruined  broke them in. I was a little bit crushed and didn't feel like remaking them so soon, so I made a Star Stitch tutorial instead.  Find it  HERE .   When I did remake them, I got so busy I didn't have time to take any picture or compile a post for more than a week. But the Reach for the Star Stitch Mitts are finally here! (And you get a photo tutorial as a nice bonus 😉) The construction is very simple with no increasing or decreasing. Begin at the bottom, working hdc in the round. Then, switch to working star stitch i

How to Crochet the Star Stitch (aka Marguerite Stitch)

Due to unforeseen complications (read: my latest project received a little too much love from its recipient, was taken on a spring hike, and annihilated) my pattern, which I wanted to have up last week, is delayed. So I've decided to do a star stitch tutorial. Not only is star stitch my favorite stitch ever, it's also the main stitch in my upcoming pattern. It's not a hard stitch so hopefully, this little photo tutorial will help you master it in no time!  If you don't have time to learn Star Stitch at the moment, pin it   HERE . And if you'd like to keep in the loop, like  Stuck with Ewe on Facebook. Materials: Yarn  in any weight (I used Peaches & Cream cotton) Crochet hook in a matching size (I used an I/5.5mm)  Notes: I began with a row of hdc  v ersus a chain. In my opinion, it's easier to work the stars into hdcs  t han chains. You can always substitute a chain if that's what you prefer.  Each row begins with a Beginning star