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8 Free Shawl Patterns to Crochet and Wear

Pin HERE  or with the image above.  One of my favorite things to make is shawls. I make actually too many of them. They're just so versatile, going from modern and casual to dressed up or even Jane Austen-esque. Honestly, I make too many. They're all crammed into an old records box that's pretty close to overflowing.  I've decided to round up 8 free shawl patterns so you can start your own collection.  Click on the name of the pattern to view it.  1.  Lizard on Ravelry . I've made this shawl at least four times. It's fast, beautiful, and perfect for just about anybody. You will need a Ravelry account but it's free and there are so many great patterns on Ravelry.  2.  Fortune's Shawlette on Moogly.  This is another one of those shawls I've made multiple times. It's such a unique take on c2c! It also comes with a matching  wrap  and  hat. 3.  South Bay Shawlette on Lionbrand.  (This will take you to the listing. J

(Some of) My Favorite Crochet Bloggers

Pin HERE  or with the image above.  This was a difficult list to compile. I have so many crochet bloggers who have inspired me and am always adding new ones to the list. If I were to name all of them, it would take me days. With that in mind, I decided to tell you about eight of them, in no particular order. Now we can ooh and awe and pin all their patterns together.  Click on the name of the designer to visit their blog.  1.  Tamara Kelly of Moogly.  Tamara releases a new pattern almost every week, complete with left and right-hand video tutorials and charts. She covers almost everything crochet and organizes a  yearlong CAL  running for its 5th year in a row. She's a super crochet lady for sure.  2.  Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me . Sarah has a unique way of writing patterns that just makes them so much easier to understand. She has lots of patterns, particularly colorwork ones, all of which are lovely. Always well written, always beautiful, and often with

Picket Fence Shawlette ~ Free Crochet Pattern

This simple shawlette is ridiculously easy-- if you can chain and double crochet, you can make this!  It can also be made in any size with any weight yarn and yardage-- just adjust the hook size as necessary and keep going until you run out of yarn!  Here's a more detailed picture. I couldn't think of a name so I asked on  Facebook  and in a few crochet groups for one. The name "Picket Fence" was suggested and I thought it was just perfect!  Don't the mesh rows look a bit like a picket fence?  My sister graciously offered to model it. I made it specifically to fit her with some of her favorite colors.    Although she has a very serious "model face" we had a really good time.  The sheep wanted to check out our shoot. I'm constantly surprised by how big the lambs are getting! They're more than two months old and been enjoying all the little bits of grass that are finally turning green.  This shawlette