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Celeste's Garden 12- inch Afghan Square: A Free Crochet Pattern

This year, one of my favorite things to make has been afghan squares. I can't get enough of them. Funnily enough, I had never made one before 2018. Before I started my blog, I had even designed a few, that will eventually be re-visited and (hopefully) find their way onto the blog pretty soon. But in the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to Celeste's Garden. Pin HERE for later. Add to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites HERE.  I used two of my favorite stitches, v-sts and puffs, that are used both in the circle beginning and after it's squared. Ordinary dc rounds are placed between the v-sts and puffs to even it out a little bit.  The name is inspired by the middle which resembles a six-pointed star and the green puff stitches that looked almost like leaves. Celestial means having to do with the heavens or sky and is where the name Celeste comes from.  While making Celeste's Garden, I had something of a brilliant idea, if I say so my

10 Free Crochet Patterns for Crafters and Crocheters

I make a lot of things. Sometimes I like to make things to help me make things-- pincushions, stitch markers, etc. With that in mind, I've put together a roundup of patterns specifically for crafters and crocheters.  Pin  HERE  for later.  1. Zinnia Stitch Markers by Allison Weaver on Ravelry. Stitch markers are one of those things I use all the time. Why not make them cute as well as functional? Use a lobster clasp to make these crochet-friendly.  2. Ammonite Crochet Hook Roll  by   Dedri Uys  on Look at What I Made. There are loads of hook cases out there but this one is particularly stunning. Bonus: It comes with both photo and video tutorials.  3. Tape Measure Cover by Catherine Waterfield on Ravelry. I love the tassel on the end and the gold-and-turquoise combination is a favorite of mine. But this is sure to be pretty in whatever colors you choose.  4. Nifty Needle Case by Tamara Kelly on Moogly. Let's face it: You need a space to hold all