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10 Yarn Crafts for Kids

Many young children have an interest in yarn before they're old enough to learn crochet or knitting; however, they're still able to join in the yarny fun! Here are ten of the cutest yarn crafts that don't involve any knitting needles or crochet hooks. Pin this HERE  or use the image above.  1.  Craft Stick Yarn Dolls  on Happy Hooligans. A perfect way to use up odds and ends that are a little bit too short for a larger project.  2.  Paper Plate Jellyfish  on NonToy Gifts. I've made these a few times with a group of preschoolers and it's always been a huge hit!  3.  Woven Craft Stick Butterflies  on The Craft Train. These are simply adorable. I imagine that even a few older kids might want to make some as well.  4.  Weaving with Kids  on Art Bar. I love how colorful these are! A wall hanging that any child or parent would be proud of.  5.  Dream Catchers  on Fun 365. Dream catchers are ever popular and this very detailed tutorial