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What's in a Word

This year I decided that I wanted to have a   One Little Word  of the year. One Little Word (OLW) is a single word to pick that encapsulates what you want out of your year. I hadn't ever heard of it until recently but after seeing all the beautiful things people wanted to focus on-- simplicity, peace, clarify, humility-- I decided that I wanted to start out the year with something to strive for.  I can already see myself picking up a journal on a cozy night, cup of tea in hand, and unpacking myself in a new light.  Part of the reason is that my 2019 was unfocused and chaotic; to say that it was a rough year is generous. The last twelve months I have lived in what my mom would call "survival mode." I ate odd meals at odd times, I cried a lot and fit in sleep wherever and whenever I could. I couldn't build onto or even maintain what I had; I watched good habits and friendships deteriorate as I struggled to keep my head above water even just some of the time